Supply List for Global Art Classroom Lessons

Here is a suggested list of art supplies that you may find helpful. Please note that this list was created for all supplies and materials in the entire Global Art Classroom lesson library. Think of it as a Master Supply List! For your convenience, each individual class also has it's own supply list.


Watercolor Paper for painting projects

Mix Media Paper for a variety of wet and dry media

Printer Paper for practicing drawing and doodling

Construction Paper for colorful creative projects

White Cardstock Paper for projects that require a heavy-weight paper

Black Cardstock Paper works well with oil pastel and chalk pastel

Solid Color Origami Paper for those amazing paper-folding projects

Patterned Origami Paper for adding pizzazz to your origami projects

Sketchbook for sketching and doodling on the go


Watercolor Pan Paints for beautifully transparent color

Liquid Watercolor Paints for bold and bright color

Liquid Tempera Paint for fuller body and opaque color

Tempera Paint Cakes similar results to watercolor paint, a bit more opaque

Acrylic Paints work well when mixing colors

Heavy Body Acrylic Paint for high-texture paintings

Dry Media:

Pencils for sketching and drawing

Colored Pencils for creating colorful drawings

Charcoal for drawing, sketching, and blending

Crayons for adding color to artwork

Chalk Pastels for superior blending and shading

Oil Pastels for adding texture, color and blending


Fine Permanent Marker for drawing, outlining, and adding emphasis

Ultra-fine Permanent Marker for drawing and adding definition & detail

Colored Markers for adding detail and color to art projects


White Air-Dry Clay for hand-sculpting

White Model Magic for quick-dry sculpting

Play Doh 10 Pack for building colorful 3-D creations


Printing Ink for making prints on paper

Printing Brayer for applying ink onto printing plate


White Liquid Glue strong and reliable adhesive

Glue Sticks for gluing paper together

Fiber Arts:

Yarn Variety Pack for use in fiber arts projects

Blunt Needles for sewing and fiber arts projects

Artsy Tools:

Kid's Safety Scissors for cutting paper

Erasers for erasing mistakes

Paint Brush Set for use with all types of paint

Palette Knife Set use to apply acrylic paint to create a textured effect

Canvas Panels another option to use for a painting ground

Texture Plates for creating a textured effect on paper

Color Wheel Poster to assist in making decisions about color mixing/placement