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Art Therapy: What It Is and How it Can Help Your Child

What are the benefits of Art Therapy? We want nothing but joy for our children, but emotions are part of the human condition. Scraped knees, hurt feelings, and failure are as much a part of growth and maturity as happiness. How do we approach those difficult conversations about coping and...


Benefits of Art Education in Elementary School

Studying art is not just beneficial to the Elementary learner but essential to a growth mindset. Leonardo DaVinci was many things. He was a master of math with great engineering feats in civil infrastructure. He was a master of science with an unprecedented understanding of anatomy. He was a...


Supply List for Projects in the Global Art Classroom Library

Here is a suggested list of art supplies that you may find helpful. Please note that this list was created for all supplies and materials in the entire Global Art Classroom lesson library. Think of it as a Master Supply List! For your convenience, each individual project also has it's own...